Frozen food often gets a bad reputation for being less healthy and nutritious than fresh fruits and vegetables.

You may find yourself asking “are frozen fruits or vegetables healthy?” every time you hear someone promote adding frozen fruit to your morning smoothies instead of fresh fruits.

The truth is, frozen fruits and vegetables are just as healthy than fresh, sometimes even more healthy.

The most important reason why frozen fruits and vegetables are more nutritious is that the name “fresh” is relative.

Fruits and vegetables are more nutritious directly after harvesting.

After standing many days at the supermarket, then even at your house, they became less and less nutritious. But by freezing them at the right time, you can “lock” many nutrients.

At Frutify we use fresh fruits and vegetables that are harvested and frozen at their peak ripeness.

We cut and freeze them for your convenience,  saving you time and the hard work of cutting, peeling and storing.

There will be no surprises with spoiled or damaged products, nor waste of bad products in your kitchen.

Enjoy our freshly frozen pre-prepared mix of fruits and vegetables in your next smoothie and bowl!

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