Energy snacks full of superfoods that are not only healthy but also delicious!

“Powerballs” are healthy energy snacks whose combination of dates, oatmeal, cocoa, coconut, walnut and hemp are a great source of both physical and mental energy.  They are raw vegan foods and each recipe is designed to contain both delicious ingredients and valuable nutrients for our body.

In addition, they prevent oxidation and aging of our cells, improving the appearance of the skin.  Our powerball snacks are incredibly tasty, but also very healthy, because they are full of vitamins, minerals and fibre.  Therefore, they are excellent snacks for pre-and-post exercise routines.  Something sweet yet full of beneficial and delicious ingredients.

Frutify's Powerballs


Where to Find Them

  • Custom box Frutify. Without a doubt, our best option for those who are clear about what they want.

    Custom Pack

    Without a doubt, our best option for those who ...
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  • 21 Unit Pack. Try our customers' all-time favourites. Twenty-one delicious, complete, and affordable meals. Containing everything your body needs in the perfect amount.

    21 unit pack

    Try our customers’ all-time favourites. ...
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  • 14 Unit Pack. This is the ideal pack to enjoy Frutify for a week. It contains 6 assorted smoothies to satisfy the energy intake of 6 breakfasts. And enjoy your balanced, affordable, and tasty alternative to unhealthy junk food, with the rest of the items you can spread over your main meals however you like.

    14 unit pack

    This is the ideal pack to enjoy Frutify for a ...
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  • 9 Unit Pack. Ideal for those who do not know how to start enjoying healthy food from Frutify. This pack is the simplest and offers a selection of the top smoothies, food bowls, chia puddings and powerballs that we usually make.

    9 unit pack

    Ideal for those who do not know how to start ...
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Frequently Asked Questions

We have varieties of delicious and flavorful products: Frutify Chia Puddings, Frutify Fruit and Vegetable Smoothies, Frutify Vegan Bowls, and Frutify Powerballs. Whatever you like to eat throughout the day.

Basically, you can enjoy Frutify whenever you’re hungry. There is no fixed schedule, because Frutify is designed to replace any meal of the day, being breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Each plate of Frutify contains all the macronutrients and micronutrients that your body needs. It is not a diet, but dishes designed to provide all the necessary vitamins and nutrients for each meal.

Definitely! Frutify ready meals have been developed to keep you satisfied and without cravings for several hours, and provide you with the energy your body needs to maintain your rhythm of life. The duration of the feeling of fullness will always naturally depend on the size of your body and the levels of activity you perform. But some Frutify dishes have enough calories equivalent to the intake of a meal.

Frutify offers you a balanced meal that satisfies your hunger and provides you with energy for hours. With Frutify ready meals it is easy to count calories, because our products always contain the same nutritional values.

However, in addition to a balanced diet, losing weight also requires burning more energy thanks to exercise.

The same applies to weight gain. Since Frutify always contains the same nutritional values, it is very easy to use it to add “extra calories” to your normal food to increase the total amount of energy you eat. Gaining or losing weight depends on the calories you contribute to your body with your daily activity, that is why Frutify is a great way to help achieve this, and with the guarantee that you are eating in a healthy way. And with 100% natural ingredients.

If you are diabetic, due to a deficiency of the hormone insulin, the intake of foods that contain carbohydrates causes a spike in blood glucose and, therefore, an increase in blood sugar levels. The sugar found in our ingredients, eg. agave syrup also influences blood sugar levels, which naturally insulin-dependent diabetics should pay attention to.

However, we are not in a position to provide medical advice, so if in doubt please consult your doctor.

We believe that freezing the food we prepare helps keep all the nutrients and vitamins locked in to our food, in perfect condition. By freezing our dishes, we are able to provide the highest quality nutrients, flavor and texture possible. We collect our products at their optimum point of maturity and freeze them immediately after having prepared them for each of our dishes, in order to preserve all the nutrients, their flavors and their textures.

Freezing food also helps us combat food waste, because it allows us to keep it for longer, and defrost it in optimal conditions, at the time you are ready to eat it.

When stored in a freezer below 18 degrees, our products can stay in freezer till 6 months but please follow expire date, clearly marked on each product.

What our clients say

Comida muy rica y 100% natural. Servicio de entrega y compromiso de entrega impecables.
Su servicio de atención al cliente, rápido y eficaz.
Os recomiendo empezar con un pack intermedio. Y así véis si se os ajusta el plan de comidas.
En mi caso pedí para empezar un pack de desayunos desintoxicantes. Muy ricos los batidos.
Ahora me he suscrito a un pack superior y así complemento mi comida diaria con la que me proporciona Frutify.
Encantada con la experiencia.
Carla Ruíz De León

Yes 👍🏽 they are the bests . And I guarantee you will be happy

Abel Cyr

Es una forma rápida de comer sano. Además lo envían gratis a casa y se prepara en menos de 5 minutos. Lo recomiendo.

Mva Lour

Healthy and fresh food👌🏽 😋

Christiane Bruun Rasmussen

Its a brilliant product ! Healthy ,tasty and ready to eat in no time 🙂 Highly recommended 👍

Andreas Svalenström

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