At Frutify we are crazy about 100% natural ingredients, and we LOVE fresh fruits and vegetables. They come from our Earth and they are meant to make us live well and feel amazing!

But nowadays with our ever changing and fast-paced lifestyles, finding the time to eat organic ingredients and fresh products is not as easy as it should be.  In 2019 the company’s founder, Kasper Pederson created Frutify with a vision to make it easy and convenient to consume healthy and delicious food without the effort that is required in planning and preparing by traditional methods.  He believes Frutify can make a difference by offering both a seamless and excellent experience for its customers that wish to adopt long-lasting healthy habits each day of their lives.

Frutify’s product line of smoothies, vegan food bowls, Chia puddings, powerballs (and soon more products to come) are created daily by our in-house chefs that  work closely with our expert  nutritionists to design our distinctive and flavourful recipes.

Naturally it goes without saying that NONE of our products have ANY additives, are gluten-free, and we strive to use organic products as often as possible.  The majority of our products are vegan-friendly and are denoted with (Suitable for Vegans)” next to the product description.

We hope that you will enjoy Frutify’s convenient way to order and enjoy delectable healthy foods so that you can eat natural and live healthy, the easy way!


We love fresh fruits and vegetables and we are here to help you feel amazing!

Our delicious smoothies and vegan foods created by our chefs are 100% natural and contain the highest quality ingredients and superfoods, each designed for your healthy lifestyle with the convenience of free shipping!  Our products arrive frozen at your doorstep to offer maximum benefits from the freshest nutrients after harvest.

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